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Letters are done and have been added to @theraidstudio anthology story I’m doing with @themicellis & @Coffee_Steve. Coming soon to a Kickstarter near you! Here’s a preview… #raid #ComicArt #comicbooknews

Join @theramonperez and @ E_V_IL tonight LIVE on MAKE SH!T MONDAYS! It's conversations with fellow creators around the campfire from the great white north at 8pm EDT on

Join @E_V_IL, lead concept artist at Digital Extremes, and @theramonperez, Eisner-award winning cartoonist, as they head up north with the RAID crew to drink, draw, and shoot-the-shit by the campfire! Streaming LIVE Monday OCT 4th at 8PM EDT on RAID TV

it's a flashback Friday as we look at some of our favourite properties from yesteryear that we'd love to get our hands on. It's been 4-decades since Flash hit the big screen, and just over a decade since he was on the small screen.... how would you tackle #FlashGordon today?!

Meet the monstrous RAID brain! 🧠 - - the merging of a hive mind into something greater... and books and art!


+These are anthology style books that have tons of amazing creators from @theraidstudio in them! As I read, I will post in this thread and share favorite art and story moments ❤ It will be my first time reading Payaso or "The Last Clown" from @theramonperez and I'm so excited!

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