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New WiddaW stuff coming soon! With @theraidstudio @raidpress 😊
#fightscene #comics #anthology #widdaw #mage #wizard #fantasy #ogre #monsters

A solid day of #Warframe shenanigans with @sheldoncarter & @E_V_IL : #TennoCon2021

Rocketing into summer! 🚀 - - Mr Monster is up for Pre-Order and Tennocon 2021 launches!


If you missed me rambling on live last night, here's the Youtube link of @theramonperez, @E_V_IL, and me drawing, just chattin'.

My shirt is distracting.


TONIGHT - @theramonperez & @E_V_IL are LIVESTREAMING with guest @KatieSawatsky at 8pm EST. Catch them live on the RAID FB page (link in bio), or the RAID YouTube channel at - join in the conversation or just draw along!


If you want to see my face prattle on for about two hours, tune in tonight on the RAID channel's Make Sh!t Mondays.

These guys are always on top of their drawing game, and quite quippy @theraidstudio @theramonperez @E_V_IL

A layer cake of shenanigans! 🍰 🧸 - - Books, Videos, Art, Podcasts, and more...

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