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I've told the story before of the Editor who looked over my portfolio, flipped it closed and asked how old I was (I think I was 33) Married? (Yes) Kids? (2) and without ever saying a word about my work told me "You'll never make it" and that was it.

Hey everyone if you are looking for the RAID Anthologies (which include stories by myself and @marcusto and @GibsonQuarter) they are available @TorontoComics online!

Stepping into spring with mixed emotions 🌱 💛 - - A month of events, plus a quiet moment of remembrance


Join @theraidstudio Discord, I'm drawing live for a few hours now. Click the link and go into the RAID lounge "Hangout While we Draw" section

A magic elf, talkative fox, and undead cowboys... what a mix! 🐺💀 - #comics #art #creatorownedcomics #forestfolk #undead #theraidstudio


Art and shenanigans are bountiful this spring! 🌞 👓 - A look at some upcoming projects from RAID and our friends...

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The Royal Academy of Illustration & Design is a creative co-working space with a community-facing comic art gallery & cafe. Within lies The RAID Studio a powerhouse comics collective and scaleable multi-meida creative agency.

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