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R4ID Creator spotlight continues, and some awesome announcements! 📢 - - We chat with Dax Gordine, get silly with Marvel, and get ready for an upcoming event...


Hot off the press! Forest Folk Picnics and hijinks is in! Waiting on some more swag and will start shipping ASAP! #kickstarter @theraidstudio if you missed out you can grab a copy here!

This panel makes makes burning the candle at both ends WORTH IT.

This is yet another snippet from my upcoming #R4ID anthology story.


With @themicellis, we’re contributing to the R4ID Anthology coming to Kickstarter. Learn more about the project, the artists involved, & get notified about the launch by joining our newsletter:
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Eight years ago, Scott Kurtz (@pvponline) wrote a 5-page Superman short story for fun. I volunteered to draw it. Well, I finally got around to finishing it and you can read it here:

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